Addictions are one of the few issues that clients present with that can be truly life threatening.

Many people upon hearing the word 'addict' would have an image such as the one below immediately spring to mind.


I have to admit that I have never seen anyone like this in my clinic. Addicts, just like the rest of the population, come in all shapes and sizes. They look like you and me, have careers, sometimes great careers and no one would ever know that they drink far too much, are addicted to sex, paying for sex, pornography, cocaine, cannabis or food for example.

As with all my clients I begin by trying to understand the person in front of me; the whole person and not just their problem.

If you are addicted to something and you are searching for a therapist I'll give some insight into what you could expect should you choose to work with me.

You will gain new perspectives on your behaviour, you will learn the purpose of this addiction; why you do it and what it gives you (other than the obvious). I will ask you a great number of questions about you and this issue, here are just two you can think about now:

What do you want instead of your addictive behaviour?
Who would you be without it?

I urge you to really think about the first question; the answer is much more than 'to stop doing it' because I would ask, 'and then what?'

To have a good idea about your future without your unwanted behaviour is a sound platform from which to build toward that future. Add to this a strong commitment to change and the therapeutic process and success can be yours.

I look forward to being part of that success.