Anxiety differs from stress primarily because its source is non-specific. Whereas with stress you know what it is that is bothering you; work, traffic, the kids, with anxiety the source is less easily defined.

The emotion that accompanies anxiety is fear - it is, in fact, defined as a 'fear of the future' and it triggers our ancient fight, flight or freeze response. When you examine this again, you can begin to understand why anxiety can be so debilitating - being fearful but not knowing what of! Imagine.

When the intensity of fear breeches a certain threshold, it will be different for everybody, it can lead to a panic or anxiety attack.

The answer to what it is you fear is in your mind. My aim, through careful enquiry will help you to understand the reasons for your fear and then seek to alter the way you think about it. You, with my support, will begin to move to a place where that thing that once caused you to be scared no longer holds any power over you.


...Bert helped me out of my hole. We went on for as long as necessary, but no longer. Some four months on, it is all behind me and I look back on it all with huge gratitude to Bert – a warm, comprehending person, and an absolutely first rate therapist.

Whilst reports of anxiety are on the increase and many argue a certain amount of anxiety is natural, it does not have to be that way, particularly if it gets to the levels that prevent you from leading the life you would choose.

As ever, I would be happy to discuss what you've been going through so please contact me in the first instance and we can take things from there.