29th April 2019

Post natal PTSD

Late last year an interesting article on The victoria Derbyshire Show struck me as it dealt with the issue of postnatal PTSD.   I am not […]
4th April 2019


In this post I will explain in the simplest terms what hypnotherapy is and in the process help to dispel those persistent misconceptions of what the […]
27th March 2019

Thank you to all at Cirkularis 8

I recently ran a two-hour workshop on stress at Cirkularis8, an innovative and very forward thinking design and build company based here in London. Kristoff DuBose, […]
22nd July 2015

Introvert Versus Extrovert

Welcome to the first in a series of three blogs on Metaprograms. Metaprograms describe spectrums of behaviour and, in my view, are much misunderstood. The title […]