How could a coaching program positively impact your business?

Why should you consider the investment?

Why am I the right person to partner with you on this journey?

It is often said that a firm’s most valuable assets are its people and, like any asset of a company, the aim ought to be to maximise the return on the investment into that asset.

Coaching is the best way to get the very best return on the investment you have made in your personnel, human resources, and staff up to now.

Studies have shown that costs from advertising, screening, onboarding, training, loss of productivity and contracts lead to costs of up to 213% of an executive’s annual salary and 30-40% of a middle manager’s salary to replace them; considerably less than the cost of any coaching program. (Boushey and Glynn 2012).

Introducing coaching to your organisation sends a message that you are prepared to invest in the futures of your key personnel by helping them to improve their performance.

Coaching can help with a range of needs including:

  • C-Suite executives underperforming because of issues outside of the workplace that they do not feel they can share with colleagues.
  • Members of staff identified as high performers for which coaching can help move them to the next level.
  • Underperforming staff.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • A prevalence of stress in the workplace.
  • Rebranding initiatives.
  • Changing working practices.
  • Changing strategy.
  • Culture development.
  • Graduate settling-in program.
  • Optimising your onboarding process.

I can provide a confidential hotline for employees to discuss issues they may have with stress and other mental wellbeing challenges that may be affecting their work.

For Individuals

For the individual considering coaching it may be your competitive advantage against your colleagues who may not be receiving coaching.

  • You have been promoted to a position that you feel you are not ready for or do not deserve.
  • You are in conflict with a colleague.
  • Your career is at a crossroads.
  • You are stressed.
  • Your home-life is affecting your work-life or vice versa.
  • You feel that you are not maximizing your potential.

The relationship between the coach and the client is of paramount importance. Therefore I always propose meeting in advance of the coaching beginning to give my clients the opportunity to question me and to feel comfortable with me. If the client is being proposed for coaching by their firm that meeting will include the sponsor, an HR professional or other official of the firm.

At that point we will agree the goals of the coaching and the timetable or meeting. Some managers like to agree key performance indicators and some do not. I am comfortable with either approach.

Coaching can be long term but it shouldn’t be open-ended. To that end I recommend that we begin with six two-hour sessions one month apart and then review after that.

Why Me?

I have received some of the best coaching training in the country.

My approach to coaching is to see the people I coach first as people.  Not executives, managers or high-flyers but people ... with potential.

This is enabled by what I believe is a very powerful combination of some of the best coaching training in the country and my therapeutic insight and rigour. This helps me to help people understand their behaviour, both desired and undesired, what drives it and how to change.

I do not tell people what to do, that is no the role of a coach. Instead, I create the environment where you can think differently to the way you have before, to see yourself and any problem you have differently and, most importantly, to see the solution to the problem and the path toward growth and success through new insight and perspective.

It is my belief that coaching is not just about fixing what is not working but to also be aware of what is working well and to be able to utilise those things to propel my clients further forward.

My passion for coaching and the absolute belief in the powerful impact it can have on individuals and teams has been honed over twenty years of experience in helping people to improve their performance and attain their goals.

I have coached in professions ranging from finance, professional services, retail, the NHS, printing, PR, asset finance, design and build, e-commerce and private health services.

I have experience of working with CEOs, entrepreneurs, global heads of department, Chairmen, directors and partners and managers.

Specialist Areas

  • Stress management
  • Crisis management
  • Mental wellbeing
  • Leadership development
  • Fear of Public speaking
  • Home-life affecting work-life
  • Confidence, self-esteem and self agency

As I have presented to the medical profession on these topics I am well positioned to help executives at any level with these issues.

Contact me to receive my Coaching Profile.

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