Corporate Mental Wellbeing and Workshops

I am an experienced presenter and workshop facilitator.

I have presented to the medical community on numerous occasions including to the British Medical Association (BMA), Kings College Hospital and to a number of GPs.

More and more companies are instituting wellbeing programs and as a result the need to have skilled presenters who work with mental wellbeing on a daily basis and in a clinical setting has grown.

I present on subjects including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Locus of Control
  • Choice and decision making
  • Confidence


  • Stress

My workshops, like my presentations on stress are not about the negative health implications of stress or statistics about the cost to businesses and industry.

I teach what stress is and, more importantly, I facilitate the insight into each delegate’s own stress.

Stress is different for everybody and this workshop allows each attendee to understand how they do stress and how they can put in place mechanisms to beat its negative effects.

The number of attendees is limited to allow space for each individual to benefit more greatly from my experience and clinical knowledge.

Please contact me to learn how I may be able to help your company improve its mental health awareness.