Discrete Therapy

Therapy With Extra Discretion

As a nation we are becoming more and more comfortable with going to see a therapist. From a personal point of view the most telling piece of evidence I can offer to support this claim is that, at any given time, my client base is made up of more than half of people who have been referred to me by another client. In other words, many are not just happy to seek therapy but are comfortable enough to talk to friends and family about it and go on to recommend their own therapist. It's very satisfying.

For some people, however, having to travel to a clinic to see a therapist would mean they would just rather not go.

If that is you then under certain circumstances I offer my services in a location that works for you, perhaps your home or office.

Before agreeing to work this way I ask that a strict set of criteria be met particularly regarding disturbance or interruption. It is also essential that there is a genuine need for privacy rather than a preference for not coming to the clinic.

If you have any questions about how I may be able be to help you in this way then call me and we can discuss it further. You can be assured of my discretion from the first moment we speak on the phone.