Stress and anxiety are often linked together as if they are the same thing. The truth is they are distinctly different.

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Perhaps it is a sign of the times we live in or perhaps we’re less inclined to suffer in silence; whatever it may be, stress is on the increase. It is third to musculo-skeletal issues and colds and flu for causing absenteeism in the workplace according to the office for national statistics.

Question; What can you do about it?
Answer; Quite a bit.

One Example

What, for one person, is an extremely stressful situation can, for another, be nothing more than motivation or impetus to get the job done. The difference? Perception. Stress is in the eye of the beholder! It is the perceived inability to manage, control or cope with a given situation not the actual inability. Furthermore, the consequences of that perception play a large part.

Boss asks for extra work by Monday morning. It’s now Friday afternoon.I don’t have enough time. I’ll never get it done.(S)he’ll think I’m rubbish/not committed and not worth my place in the team.
Boss asks for extra work by Monday morning. It’s now Friday afternoon.Excellent, an opportunity to shine. I’ll do what I can and do it well.It brings me closer to that promotion.

The table uses, as an example, a very simple change in perception to change the consequences of the stimulus. Try this with your issue. I am not talking about seeing everything with rose tinted glasses but see how a change in perception – a change in what you think both about yourself and the situation can literally change your life. You can see how you are both the creator of and the solution to your stress.

Call me to find out how I can help you to change your perception more readily and how else I can help you to leave this issue behind you – permanently.