I first came to see Bert about two issues: helping me with letting go of the resentment arising from a toxic work situation and assisting with sticking to a weight loss plan. Subsequently I sought his help in getting me through stage fright in singing auditions.

I'll start with the outcomes: I've lost 45 pounds and counting; I now look at my fomer toxic boss as the catalyst for successful change; I not only passed my singing audition but I have been selected for the semichorus (the best singers in the choir) and am about to embark on a postgraduate singing course. People comment on the fact that my face in repose now bears a smile.

Others have helped with my journey back to mental and physical health, and obviously I've had a hand in it myself, but Bert was a very significant contributor.

The things I appreciated most were 1) his sense of humour; 2) his empathy; 3) his keen intelligence and 4) his absolute refusal to patronise. When you are an experienced professional and used to success in your everyday life, it can be a big step to admit that you need some therapy and so it is important that your practitioner provides you the opportunity to seek help with your weaknesses without feeling a failure. I looked forward to my sessions with Bert because I was speaking with a peer who not only understood and listened but could provide useful techniques to deal with the issues I faced. I also laughed a lot.

I would unhesitatingly recommend him.

Emanuel de Kadt

Following an unexpected negative event related to my part-time work as a retired academic at Utrecht University, I developed a set of seriously debilitating symptoms, including acute claustrophobia and sleeplessness. A conventional medical approach did not help, and I got in touch with Bert on the advice of my son.

A series of sessions enabled me to talk through the problems. With Bert’s gentle and most expert help, I gradually managed to approach the way in which the particular event had ‘got hold of me’. Digging quite deep – with for me truly unexpected results –things began to improve, and Bert helped me out of my hole. We went on for as long as necessary, but no longer. Some four months on, it is all behind me and I look back on it all with huge gratitude to Bert – a warm, comprehending person, and an absolutely first rate therapist.


Bert is an exceptional hypnotherapist. I sought treatment from Bert on two separate occasions. The first was in relation to work-related stress and anxiety. I was very apprehensive at the outset of treatment, but Bert's reassuring, calm and confident nature quickly had me wholeheartedly trusting both the hypnotherapy process and Bert as a hypnotherapist. Bert helped me understand the reasons and triggers for the stress and anxiety I was experiencing and address how to cope with them in both the workplace and everyday life. By the end of treatment I felt like the best version of myself -- confident and happy -- and this continues today.

I later sought treatment from Bert in connection with pregnancy and nerves about the impending labour and delivery. Unlike many of the "one size fits all" hypnobirthing courses that are available, Bert tailored the therapy specifically for me to address the particular sources of my apprehension. He also taught me some pain relieving techniques. My labour and delivery ended up being everything I had hoped it would be and more. Indeed, I even would describe it as an incredible, awesome experience and this entirely is down to the hypnotherapy treatment.

There are few people (therapist or otherwise) whom I would trust to guide me through such an introspective process, but Bert's gentle demeanour and confidence make it easy to wholly and entirely trust him and the therapeutic process. I can't speak highly enough of Bert and the hypnotherapy experience he provides.

Scott S

Bert helped me with a few issues, mainly related to self esteem and confidence. Bert is warm and friendly and I instantly felt at ease in his company and able to share with him my thoughts and concerns. Through a series of hypnotherapy sessions and exercises I was able to both address my confidence issues and have a deeper understanding of some of the root causes. I am now more confident and have a greater understanding of my emotions.'

James C

I had 8-10 cognitive hypnotherapy sessions with Bert Stemarthe going back almost 3 years now! I was a tad nervy going into my first session as I can imagine alot of people are, but you were great to me Bert, I felt comfortable and could be myself with you right away,you came to my level and understood my situation and made me feel a friend as to a client and so I could be open without feeling judged and I was doing the right thing and in the right hands, I came to look forward to our sessions as I felt each session was a step forward and I was learning more and changing each session,though I may add it was not rushed it was all at my own pace but I really felt the steps forward as I'd leave the door..I have had some moments to test the work Bert and myself did and it was only when I looked back at the situation and analysed it that I realised how far I had come and how along with Berts help I had taken a huge step forward..I haven't had a session for a couple of years now so haven't seen Bert in a while but you still check in every now and then on a professional level and personal, I couldn't recommend you enough!
You're a great guy Bert, a pure gentleman. I'm forever greatful
Thank You

Richard D

My sessions with Bert were a real turning point in my life. Initially my life decisions were determined by a very negative internal dialogue which I had lived with for most of my life. Bert helped me identify where this came from and eventually eliminated it. The eye opener for me was when I left the practice after the third session and I was at peace with myself and my decisions, I had only just realised what had gone: my own self criticism blabbing inside my head. The new found silence was completely liberating and has allowed me to finally pursue my dreams without fear. Thanks Bert


Bert's hypnotherapy work had a profound impact on me. I went from not being able to play more than a few bars of a piano piece even to my boyfriend without it falling apart, to performing a professional standard public recital in Covent Garden. Afterwards, a lady in the audience told me, "I play piano, you live piano." This comment will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Right from the first session, I felt like Bert was someone I could really trust with my innermost thoughts and feelings. His warm and genuinely caring nature always put me at ease during my sessions.

I went to Bert with a problem of excessive blushing. He helped me to realise that my low self esteem was holding me back so much and the blushing was a side shoot off that, formed by childhood experiences. After about 6 months of hypnotherapy I started to become the me I really wanted to be, and even if I still got occasional spells of blushing, it became so insignificant as a much bigger change had taken place.

I look forward to seeing you at my next concert!


I have seen Bert during a hard period of my life when I felt that I need professional support in overcoming life difficulties. Skeptical and pessimistic to start with, he welcomed me with warmth and professionalism and shortly after the first session I could see results. He helped me understand where my shortcomings were coming from and where to find the strength to overcome them. Although I’ve only seen him for a few session, I now feel that I can look forward to the future with calm and confidence. I positively recommend him!

H, London

Like many, I was sceptical about therapy. I saw it as a modern, American affectation and not something that would hold any value for me, but was persuaded to try it because there were things in my life that didn't feel quite right. I was in a good job and a long term relationship, but felt confused and uncomfortable in my place in the world and was having trouble sleeping.

My sessions with Bert challenged me to explore where I was, what I was doing and what I wanted for myself. Through these discussions I grew in confidence and gained clarity over the things that are important to me and the steps I needed to take to achieve them. I entered therapy questioning the choices I had made, uncomfortable with the outcomes and lacking the knowledge and confidence in how to change them. I left clear, confident and content in the control I have over my own destiny and calm about where I was going.

I feel fortunate to have worked with Bert and thank him for helping me take control of my life and believe in myself. He has helped me improve and understand my choices and myself and I feel lucky to have worked with him.