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22nd July 2015
4th April 2019
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I recently ran a two-hour workshop on stress at Cirkularis8, an innovative and very forward thinking design and build company based here in London.

Kristoff DuBose, the founder of the company insisted that everyone in the firm cleared their diaries and urged everyone to attend in order that every individual learns about stress and their relationship to it.

Congratulations are in order because I am often asked to present at workplace wellbeing events about stress and asked if I can do it in 30 or 45 minutes because people cannot have any more time away from their desks than that! ¬†Most don’t see the irony in this.

The leaders and the rest of the team at Cirkularis8 appreciated the benefit of proper investment in time and engagement in the workshop and all came away with real usable learning that will benefit them individually and as a team.

The difference is that they did not view this as a box-ticking exercise but an opportunity to make a palpable difference to their collective understanding of and resilience to stress.

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