Weight Loss

If losing weight was as simple as 'eat less and do more exercise' then everyone could do it!

As with anything in life, it's only simple if you know what, why and how.

As you may have read elsewhere on this site, I have twenty years of experience as a personal trainer and used to own my own fitness studio. I have worked with clients for that long on the 'what' and 'how.' Add to that the number of clients I have seen and successfully helped in clinic to lose weight gives me considerable experience of the 'why' someone might be struggling to lose weight despite their best efforts.

This combination of experience and expertise has given me a unique insight into the challenges and issues facing those who want to lose weight but cannot.

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There are a number of reasons why someone may want to lose weight. These reasons, however can also double as barriers to success. Ask yourself, why do you want to lose weight? In the first instance, is it for you or for someone else? Does your weight really make you unhappy or do you just feel that you should lose weight because it is expected? What is the feeling or thought process that is getting in the way? Who prepares your food? What does food mean to you?

To arrive at the decision to lose weight yourself, perhaps with the support of family or partner would clearly be the healthy option. To want to do it because you are being told you are fat may lead to weight loss but you would not need my training to believe that it is unlikely to be sustainable or to lead to any positive sense of well being and happiness.

As with all behaviour, with weight loss it is essential to understand what my client's unconscious mind believes about their weight.

Proceeding from the premise that all behaviour has a purpose and that purpose is positive, why do you eat too much when you really want to lose weight? Why do you go to the gym and then 'reward' yourself with food or other treat that you know is counter productive to what you want to achieve? So often, that positive 'purpose' is protection. One of my clients put it best when she, knowingly or unwittingly, I'm not sure, described her "carapace of fat" to me. What does a carapace do? It protects.

It could, of course, be many other reasons such as stress, low self esteem and or confidence, unconscious feelings of not deserving or being worthy of weight loss success. Our work together can help you to understand why you're getting in your own way and to help you free yourself of the beliefs and limitations that have been a hindrance.

My experience in the gym and clinic of working with men and women who range from the slightly overweight to the clinically and morbidly obese has taught me what I need to understand to be in the best position to help. That understanding being that this is rarely just about food.